Why should YOU choose oil?

First and foremost, CO2 oil is Clean. Supercritical (liquid) CO2 is used to extract only the necessary cannabinoids and the process eliminates any bacteria, mold & impurities present in the plant material. The same methods and substances are used to carbonate soda, extract essential oils or to decaffeinate coffee beans.  

Secondly, CO2 oil is Powerful. Patients are able to ingest large doses that would be harder to achieve with traditional ingestion methods. As important is the fact that oils allow for higher accuracy in dosage measurement — a key for patients.

Finally, in a world that is more integrated with technology every day, oil extraction represents the future for the medicine. We ensure constant research & records of our data to ensure we do our part to further the industry and its best practices. 

What parts of plants can be used for extraction?

Trim is commonly used as an extraction base. It is also commonly discarded by growers and patients during the cycle, and hence can lead to an increased yield from the same grow.  

Flower (buds) is also commonly used and typically presents a higher yield than trim, and can also have a fuller terpene profile.  

Kief, the resin trichomes of the cannabis plant, serves as a good base for the supercritical process.  It is easily collected using trays and a little pressure.  

Please see our Services & Products page for information on the different output options available!

Why is CO2 the right choice for you?

When it comes to cleanliness and potency , CO2 extraction processes are the cutting edge in the industry.  High pressure CO2 is used to strip the plant material of all cannabinoids before the CO2 is filtered back out.  The resulting products have a higher THC content and are cleaner, as opposed to Butane Hash Oil (BHO) where residual impurities are more common.  Additionally, the budding nature of the science in the field means yields are increasing run on run. 

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