Your Source for Premium CO2 Extraction Services

The Maine Lab (TML), located in Portland, Maine, is equipped with the finest laboratory equipment for CO2 extracted cannabis oil and refinement processing, providing our caregivers and patients the safest, purest and cleanest supercritical oil on the market today, at affordable rates. TML provides a variety of delivery methods, including vape oil cartridges or pure CO2 sap and de-carbed oil for edible infusion of non-smoking alternatives.

Our priority is creating a
comfortable and trusting relationship
with our clients while delivering
individualized care and precisely
dosed medicinal products
for long-acting relief.


To ensure the highest product standards, we outsource a sample of all extracts to a third-party testing lab for product analysis. Nothing is more important to us than the health, comfort and safety of our patients.

We'll never stop caring about:

  • Quality: We offer affordable options for the safest, purest, and cleanest supercritical oil.
  • Purity: Every extraction is  independently tested for precise dosing and long-acting relief.
  • Growth: We’re committed to growing with you. We believe the service we offer is about more than just the oil. It’s about creating heartfelt connections.
  • R&D: We do the Research and Development and don’t ever plan to stop because we love this product and its life-changing potential. Our commitment to you just fans the fire even more!
  • Our Mission: We’ll always raise the bar in any way we can.
  • The End Product: Every extraction is personally tailored using only pharmaceutical-grade CO2 in the finest laboratory equipment. And we continue to expand by adding new equipment as extraction technology improves.