A growmance in the making.*


When it comes to creating cannabis and hemp oil, CO2 extraction is where it’s at. So like many others, we’re doing that…because it’s a proven method for exceptional results.

What do we hope sets us apart in your search for extraction services? Our hearts.


Our mission and values are based on what we feel really matters—we’re committed to partnerships that create mutual well-being, positive experiences, and relationships with our growers, caregivers, and patients that feel like…well, like home.

So why are we here and passionate about helping create healthier, happier lives?

It’s personal, why we do it, but any true growmance is willing to share matters of the heart.

The Maine Lab was started because cancer and illness changed the course of our lives making empathy an effortless reach. Our stories helped define our personal missions—to help others free themselves from physical challenges. It’s a remarkable oil and a ground-breaking industry. Even with the industry’s challenges, we didn't hesitate to go all in because you matter. We all matter.

That’s some of our story. We’d love to hear about yours and earn the privilege of your trust by building a partnership that best supports your needs. Together, we can turn one of the oldest medicinal marvels into a mainstream, affordable option.



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